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Scottish Books

English & Scottish Popular Ballads Volume 2 of 5: Vol 2 (Paperback)
by Francis J (ed Child (Author)

Originally commissioned by the highland Society of London in 1817, "Jacobite Relics" created a canon for the Jacobite song which was of great importance in defining the relationship between the Scottish song tradition and its Romantic editors and collectors. The introduction to this first volume includes the crucial issue of Hogg's relationship to the Jacobite song tradition, and the place of the Relics within Hogg's career and personal context, facilitating further interpretations of Hogg's range of creative strategies. The book also provides annotation to communicate the context of the songs and Hogg's relationship to the textuality of the Jacobite culture.

When it first appeared in 1984, "Scottish Fiddle Music in the Eighteenth Century" was a trail-blazing book, exploring 100 years of completely unknown fiddle music leading up to the Perthshire maestro Niel Gow. Two decades later, the book is still essential reading for everyone concerned with Scots fiddling and its history - the influences on it of Corelli, Highland pipers, army trumpeters, the Church of Scotland, Purcell, the 1707 Act of Union - the tangled way it has been transmitted, both aurally and through written texts. For players, the book includes 90 pieces of music, scrupulously edited from eighteenth-century sources. These range from short dances to fiddle pibrochs and sonatas on Scots tunes, and include pieces by McGibbon, Munro, Oswald, McLean, Dow, Mackintosh, and Neil and Nathaniel Gow.

A wonderful book of Scottish music arranged for guitar by John Feeley, suitable for easy to intermediate level guitarists. This volume consists of 15 tunes from a huge variety of sources, with styles ranging from old songs and ballads to ancient Scots hymns and lively dance tunes.

Traditional Scottish Fiddling: A Player's Guide to Regional Styles, Bowing Techniques, Repertoire and Dances: Containing Over 220 Tunes with CD (Audio (Paperback)
by Christine Martin (Compiler)

Scottish Books

This is a compendium of photographs, stories, traditions and songs, it is an introduction to the world of the Gael and a memorial to a world now largely disappeared. It presents the rich tapestry of Gaelic life and culture in the words of the people who lived in and through that culture.

The memoirs of John T MacKenzie reveal a truly remarkable man: a highly respected authority on highland piping with a commitment to tradition and excellence in performance. Born in Edinburgh, John T was a student of piping at age nine. Enlisted in the Scots Guards, he saw active service in the war zones of North Africa, participated in the Liberation of Norway and was later posted to active duty in the Malaysian jungle. John T MacKenzie bears personal witness to the horrors and valour of warfare. Throughout, his devotion to highland piping remained, and remains, in the forefront of his life. Appointed personal piper to the Royal Household in 1946, John T MacKenzie has piped at numerous ceremonial events in Europe and North America. His recruitment as a Pipe Major to the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1952 brought him to Canada, and ultimately to Glengarry County, where his contributions to piping are legendary.

Scottish Fiddlers' Session Tune Book (Fiddle) (Paperback)
by Anne Hughes (Compiler), Christine Martin (Compiler)

First published 1883-1898, Professor Child's work on the ballad tradition of England and Scotland is a foundation document for all subsequent ballad scholarships and for trends such as the 20th century folk revival. This title is the five-volume set but each volume is also available separately.

A perfect choice for anyone with an affinity for the work of Robert Burns, the most successful, popular and revered of all the Scottish poets. This volume spans his entire song-writing and song collecting years and contains forty warm and poetic songs. Arranged for melody line, guitar chords and lyrics but aimed particularly at vocalists, it is a practical and singable edition.

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Scottish Books