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Would you like to see Celtic Horizon perform in your town,your country and earn some money at the same time.

Well you can just read below.

Would you like to see Celtic Horizon perform in your Area.

If you would like to see Celtic Horizon perform in your town,area or country and earn some money at the same time then we can provide the means for you to do so.

Celtic Horizon have already performed all around the UK and with Beggars Row our biggar band we have toured Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark,Ireland and Norway.

Celtic Horizon have plenty of experience performing at the highest level successfully.

Now we want to perform in other countries,to meet more people, see new cultures, go to places we have never been before.

You can help us!

You can help us! if you are a lover of Celtic Music then that can make you the best person to promote us to new Venues,Agents,Promotors,Festivals,Theatres,
Folk Clubs and all other entertainment sources.

What Celtic Horizon is offering

What Celtic Horizon is offering is the opportunity for you to earn money by approaching venues in your area or other area's that you know and recommending Celtic Horizon to the booking agent.We will pay you very well for this.

When you do this and we get booked you earn money from Celtic Horizon.Simple as that.

You do not have to try and sell us

You do not have to try and sell us to them, unless you are comfortable with selling.All you have to do is place a card with the name Celtic Horizon,our web address,email address and a line below there saying "Celtic Horizon folk band looking for bookings worldwide"

On the reverse of the card you can put your own name and contact details if you wish. The business cards can easily be printed on white card on your home computer for very liitle expense you only need to print around 30 to 40 which shoud use about 4 sheets of white card.

What to do when you have made your cards.

When you have made your cards it is a good idea to carry a few of them on you at all times. When you are out you may find yourself in a venue that you can drop the card into or you may pass by somewhere and spot an opportunity.

The Direct approach.

If you are comfortable talking and dealing direct with people one on one, feel free to make the personnal approach.A good time to guarantee you can get hold of the person responsible for booking bands is to go along during a gig and ask for a couple of minutes of his time to introduce a band to him.

Will that person be too busy to speak to you then?

Very possible, however if they are they then usually ask you if you can call in another time and this is you getting a personnal invite to come back again from the booker.

Also if you lay your cards right you may get to see the rest of the concert if you ask if it's okay to check the venue out for Celtic Horizon etc. This also gives you an idea how they do things concert night and give you a help in preparing for your next meeting.

If they do speak to you

This works great when the Concert night is very successful as they are in a receptive mood and feeling confident about booking more music.This also works when you see a venue trying music for the first time and getting a good response and it's also a good sign for Celtic Horizon that the venue know how to promote an event successfully.

What you must do before you approach a venue.

It is important that you read your way through this web site and copy any text that you feel you may need to learn a little like our biog and background etc.
Also have a listen to the mp3 samples on our mp3 page and get familiar with our music.It does not look good if you are unsure of the band.

Celtic Horizon mp3 samples

Save the mp3 samples onto your computer for listening to because that saves the bandwidth time on the Celtic Horizon web site from being used up with too many listening at the same time.
Also you can load them into your portable mp3 player and if someone asks you what Celtic Horizon sound like then, just let them have a listen there and then.

What to do if a venue is interested in Booking Celtic Horizon

If the venue or booker is interested in booking Celtic Horizon they may want a promotion pack, or they may want to enquire prices etc. Whatever it is all you have to do is leave them your card and tell them that the information will be posted to them and that you will call back once they have it.

Who send out the promo pack and prices etc?

Celtic Horizon send out all promo packs and Price details. This way you have no real costs except for your business cards if that's all you want to do.
We know all the up to the minute details of what tours are being planned and also of exactly what sort of revenue we need from that concert to make it viable.
We keep you up to date with all negotiations introduced by you to Celtic Horizon.

When a Venue or concert is booked

We notify you with all the details, booking fee,accommodation,concert times, booking contact confirmed by whom and most important for you, the method and time of payment.

What do you have to next.

Nothing if you do not want to. The only thing required now if you wish is to keep eye on the venue and makesure everything is okay. You could also make a coutesy call just to thank them for the business and establish yourself as the introducer of the band and try and establish any other venue contacts they may refer to us.The most important thing is once a deal has been done-leave it that way!. dont go over old ground, leave the deal sealed we dont want any late cancellations.

When and how much do you get paid.

Venues normally pay us just before the concert or as soon as it is finished. When they pay us we pay you!.If you are at the concert, as soon as they pay us we wil pay you in person right there and then.
If you cannot be there or they pay us by cheque, then we will pay you by digital banking directly into your account once the funds are cleared in our bank.

How much money will you earn.

If Celtic Horizon perfom a concert or tour that you have introduced to us through an Agency that also takes commission, then we pay you 5% of all fee's.

If Celtic Horizon do not have to pay any commissions to Agents or other parties, ie: only you then we will pay 10% just for introducing us successfully.

What happens if Celtic Horizon get re-booked by the venue or tour to come back again.

IF Celtic Horizon are re-booked by a venue that you introduced us to then normally Celtic Horizon would make all the negotiations and no further commisions would be due to you.

However if Celtic Horizon feel that we require you to help in the re-booking in any way then Celtic Horizon will negotiate a commission with you.

Is there any way an introducer can make any commisions out of re-booking Celtic Horizon

Yes you can make money out of re-books for Celtic Horizon.If an introducer is very active and successful in getting Celtic Horizon concerts and tours, then Celtic Horizon wouild be willing to negotiate the setting up of an Agency agreement with the introducer for that area or country.

If I want to be an introducer for Celtic Horizon what do I need to do first.

What you have to do first is fill in the registration form below and send it to us.We will then reply to you as soon as possible with confirmation of authority from Celtic Horizon for you to act as an Introducer.

Congratulations to JIm and Rhonda from Branson, Missouri who have a nice cash reward coming their way for lining up a whole months tour for us in the USA and they had never done anything like this before!


So come on earn yourself some money and see celtic Horizon play in your area.