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See Enya at The Official web site.This has everything you would almost ever want to know about Enya. Music samples, Biog's,Enya lyrics,Enya music,Pictures and much more.For the best of Enya web site Click here to go Enya home page.

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More about Enya,
Lord of the rings,
may it be and other
artists we cover
will appear here soon

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Enya Translations and lyrics; Compilations of translations for Enya song lyrics

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Free mp3 of the Galway Shawl a beautiful Irish Ballad

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Lord of the Rings posters; I have a few on my wall of my studio/office and I am also learning how to paint and it is interesting to study the techniques used in putting the pictures together.

I also use the Lord of the Rings posters; as inspiration to put me in the right mood when I want to compose music in a "New Age" or "Celtic" style.

Links to Enya,Lord of the rings ;and other web sites are on this page, please feel free to click on them, but remember to come back again.

I hope you also have a look around our other web sites while you are here

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Enya sings "May it be" in the film "Lord of the Rings" and this inspired me to sing Enya's lyrics with "Celtic Horizon folk band".
We sing "May it be" in our own style and hope"Enya" would be happy with it as we try to maintain the influential feel of  "The Lord of the rings". Soon we intend to add Enya's Only Time song to our set also.
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Only time will tell; if we can capture the feeling of "May it be" and "The Lord of the Rings", but for us to sing the music will be a pleasure.

The Lord of the Rings; itself to me was a great film and I thought the singing of "Enya" helped make the film in my mind a success.

How one classifies the music of Enya; is I suppose a matter of taste. "New Age Music" if you think so, but to me it sounds "Celtic" and it is a free world after all.

The first time; I tried singing "May it be" I was surprised how well it sounded on just accoustic guitar and vocals.

Time; to get serious and next time a little chorus effect on the guitar and that "Enya" reverb sound on the vocals and I was evem more satisfied.

However Enya "May it be"; would still not be the same without those string pads on the keyboard and that's the next task.

Neil who plays keyboard; in the band is in the Middle East at the time of writing and will add keyboards when he returns soon.

Lord of the Rings with Highland Bagpipes; what a thought! I am working on this idea! adapting the melody for a musical interlude in the song. Big question is? can I sing it in Bb or Eb? the two Bagpipe keys.

May it be Enya or may it be Celtic Horizon; Definately will not sound exactly the same though we hope our arrangement and performance will please all "Enya" fans we keep running into.

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