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Hello everyone! want to know what's been happening and what's going to happen? This is the page you want to check out every time you click on the Beggars Row New web site before you click out!

This is the page you want to check out every time you click on the Beggars Row New web site before you click out! Band Line up The band is down to five members again and we think that's a nice round figure for us for the future!

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Beggars Row tour of Denmark and Netherlands begins on 22ND February 2013 Full details on our Tour page.

Beggars Row will also be in Netherlands around the week ending 7TH July 2013 and are inviting enquiries from venues interested in booking the band.

Would you prefer to visit Beggars Row Danish language website click here.

Would you prefer to visit Beggars Row web site in Dutch. Then click here.

More News!!! At this present moment plans are underway for the first Beggars Row song book!!!!!!!!! Songs and Tunes being considered are: Soldiers of Peace, Take me home, Ciara's Song, Glasgow to Moscow, Sons of Scotland, Sleep for a while, Louise's Wedding, Seal Song, Hunt the whisky, The happy drunk, Abbo Kintay, Green grow the Rashes o', Sunset over Dunvegan, My Lovely Rose, Drink Away, Rebecca's Lullaby, Barclay's 80th of Foot, Sammy's Motor car, Ye Jacobites, Broom o' the Cowdenknowes, Loch Lomond, The Gallawa Hills. We are still considering options and are open to suggestions from all our fans and friends alike. If there are words and music of any of our songs that is not on the list that you think we should have. Write to us and let us know!

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Also coming soon!! Guest book!! Beggars Row members own pages! True and funny stories about everything that has went wrong on tours or during concerts. A sort of "It'll be all right on the night" laugh at Beggars Row. Exactly why did Beggars Row nearly get shot by two Russian policemen with Kalashnikov machine guns? If you want to know you need to come back!!!! Also we would like to hear any funny stories or things that you thought were funny or went wrong when you were at, or on your way, to or from a Beggars Row Concert. If it involved Beggars Row in any way let us know and with your permission we will put it on our Fans & Friends stories page.

read the hilarious story of what befell Beggars Row when they went to the American Embassy for visas