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Auld Lang Syne

Lyrics of the Scots song Auld lang syne are sung all over the world the words are by Robert Burns.Free mp3 of Auld Lang Syne will be available soon

Auld lang syne lyrics are sung mainly at the new year celebrations all over the world.All those participating usually cross their arms and link arms with other people on each side of them.

If you cross your arms then your left hand links with the crossed left hand of the person on your left and the opposite happens for the person on your right.

You would either stand in rows or in a large circle,although normally a large circle is the Scottish way of singing this Auld lang syne.

Often at very large celebrations thousands of people will sing the lyrics of Auld lang syne and the circle can take up whole dance floors or even the length of a street festival.

Robert Burns nights also always usually insist on Auld lang syne being sung.The lyrics of the song are usually available for diners who are unfamiliar with the words.

Normally only the first and last verses of Auld lang syne are sung at Burns suppers and often someone will lead with the words or a professional music act will perform.

With Celtic Horizon we will sing Auld lang syne all year and the audience will always sing the song with us.

Most of our audiences are nationalities other than Scotland and it amazes us how many of them can sing along with the words.

Below are the Auld lang syne lyrics.The words are as we sing them.
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Should auld aquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind.
Should auld aquaintance be forgot,
for auld lang syne.


For auld lang syne my dear,
for auld lang syne,
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

We twa hae run aboot the braes,
And pu'd the gowans fine,
We've wandered mony's a weary step,
since auld lang syne.

We twa hae paidled i' the burn,
Frae morning sun til dine,
But seas between us braid hae roared,
Since auld lang syne.

And surely you'll be your pint stowp,
And surely I'll be mine,
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

So here's a hand, my trusty fier,
And gie's a hand o' thine,
We'll drink a right guid williewaught,
For the sake of auld lang syne.

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet,
For the sake o' auld lang syne.

by Robert Burns.

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