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Listed here are just some of the  traditional style celtic music songs we perform including the Braveheart theme,For the love of a Princess,Loch Lomond to Flower of Scotland and Scots wha hae.


braw,braw lads

rattling bog

jock stewart

gift of a brand new day

peggy gordon

long long road(russian)

ae fond kiss


sound the pibroch

moscow nights(russian)

haughs o' cromdale

yellow on the broom

rigs o' rye

tiree love song

steal away


come by the hills

macphersons rant

mormond braes

mingulay boat song

sleep for a while

take me home

gallowa hills

the tomboy

the peeping tom

i uesta love her

bricklayer song

giro song

never mind the strangers


portree kid


scots wha hae

flower of scotland

seven drunken nights

raggle taggle gypsy

a man's a man, for a' that

jock o' hazeldean

bonnie dundee

braveheart theme(for the love of a princess)

auld lang syne

Irish rover

bonnie charlie

whisky in the jar

skye boat song

wild rover

waltzing matilda

leaving of liverpool

tramps and hawkers

i'll tell my ma

wild mountain thyme

first christmas

aye waukin o

lonesome boatman

pat reilly

abbo kintay

barratts privateers

my lovely rose

shoals of herring

muirshin duirkin

ye jacobites

twa recruitin sergeants

broom o' the cowdenknowes

enniskillen dragoons

scotland the brave set

mountain dew

fiddlers green

maids when your young

loch lomond

belfast mill

greenfields of france

black velvet band

loch tay boat song

is'nt it grand boys

massacre of glencoe

town i loved so well



bonnie lass o' fyvie

ride on

road tae dundee

galway shawl

dirty old town

star of the county down


october song

rare ould times

kelty clippie

boston beauty

rambling rover

taken by the gold

roses o' prince charlie