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celtic hearts album download

Hi Guys I will add the other tracks over the next 2 days-there should be 12 tracks in all-----------this will give you a chance to listen to the arrangements and refresh your memories to the songs---------also if you can take time to sing and play your parts along with the tracks---then that will help us with rehearsals.

Cheers The Spongeybob Alias Bob Shortcut Alias Mister Sunshine hahahahahahah

To save these mp3's to your computer click on the song title---when player loads you can listen to it--or to save it right click on the player and choose save file to your computer-it will then save to whatever folder you choose on your computer.

As its mp3 you could also load it onto your phones or ipods or whatever and listen when you are on the go if you wish for extra learning ha ha

colours of the wind


I will find you

May it be

mummers dance

Old mawee

Wild Goose

Bonny Portmore

Fields of Glory

Misty Mountain Lady

The Shire

The Voice

Turning away

Water is wide